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Do you need help to fully implement your BI solution? Would you like to have 24/7 customer care surrounding your BI systems?

Contact us today to find out how we can assist the growth of your business intelligence landscape.

Manzeera Solutions can provide:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Tailored help for your BI environment
  • Quick resolution management
  • Friendly and experienced coordinators
  • Total end-to-end service
  • Monthly BI health reports

Are your technical teams juggling multiple systems in your BI? Do conflicting systems updates upset the balance of your BI technologies? Manzeera solutions’ Application and Post-Implementation support service can give you end-to-end support for all your business intelligence systems.

Manzeera Solutions has years of experience in the BI industry. This has allowed us to gain a fundamental understanding of all relevant technologies in the market and how their products both work and behave. Our years of experience in this sector allows us to give your technical team support that is specific to your individual BI environment.

Good customer service is a tenant that we strive to achieve - with a 24/7 service desk that is available for quick and efficient communication, your team will never go without the help it requires. Our highly trained staff work to ensure that each problem is solved as swiftly as possible whilst adhering to industry best practices.

An integral part of our service involves a tailored experience that is built though a thorough understanding of your business requirements and capabilities. Our service incorporates a series of call-logging, issue tracking and resolution management that will give you a holistic view of your BI health. With regular monthly service reports and dedicated service management meeting you will always be up to date with your BI is performing and being maintained.

Our expert teams have knowledge of all leading BI technologies and can provide total end-to-end service. Contact Manzeera Solutions to see how we can help you today.


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