Manzeera Solutions is a London based business consultancy who provide experienced Business Intelligence (BI) developers to a vast range of businesses all over the world. The BI experts at Manzeera Solutions provide BI development services with logical methodologies alongside advanced technologies in order to boost BI perspective in a client’s business. Through our individualistic approach to BI, our developers have enabled many business to get consistent and successful results within their information management.

The BI developers at Manzeera Solutions use the most responsive and advanced techniques for collecting data, routing information and optimised reporting. Our BI team have successfully delivered services across many different sectors including financial, medical, manufacturing and transportation along with other creative, technological and marketing spheres.

The Manzeera Solutions BI team can customise the environment of any given project and construct an approach through configuring source control, database tools, design, debugs. This enables the solution to promote growth whilst ensuring its longevity.

Our Business Intelligence Developers are highly skilled, being able to execute and maintain business intelligence software and tools in a way that allows them to be read and followed by clients with ease. We always ensure that clients are able to know specifically the information surrounding growth, conditions, drawback and profits of their organisation as well as enabling them to break down specific time periods to analyse and compare with their competitors. We make BI work for you, enabling different connections to be made across different data sets, driving an all-encompassing understanding of business integration and interaction which empowers better decision making.

The Business Intelligence (BI) experts at Manzeera Solutions are dedicated, determined and passionate about data as well as the continuity of successful growth of each of their individual clients.


The expert Business Intelligence developers provided by Manzeera Solutions are dedicated, passionate and unique across all the Business Intelligence field.

They focus on:

  • Creating a clear and expert conceptual design and analysis to execute data problems using multiple platforms
  • Having a complete knowledge of servers, analysis services and reporting services
  • Maintaining the data and executing rigorous analysis by identifying key questions and as well as problems to uncover the implication of issues that arise
  • Being able to customise and analyse data material on time due to meticulous planning and time management skill-sets


  • Through a well-orchestrated Business Intelligence program, a company can increase its operational efficiency through quick and intelligent responses by accelerating and improving decision making
  • Correctly implemented BI can help assist in changing drawbacks and flaws of any given organisation faster and efficiently by effectively highlighting the most important areas of change needed
  • An efficient Business Intelligence developer can help the client to transform raw data into illustrative, intuitive reports in a quick and easy way; this ensures that the data is accessible to the needed individuals across the organisation
  • Ultimately, this drives new revenues for the client and helps them to gain competitive advantages over rival businesses