Develop your business by modernising your BI

Stay updated with your respective business needs and transformations over time by incorporating the use of modernised and user friendly business intelligence technologies for data collection. Modern business intelligence technologies allow you to enhance your operations, forecast growth and make well-informed decisions.

"No matter what your business and IT needs are, Manzeera Solutions can drive your business growth with modernised business intelligence by establishing an action-taking business process that grows simultaneously with business needs."

Key 7 steps to modernising your business intelligence

In order to outperform your competitors, respond well to the rapidly transforming conditions and offer best customer services, there are the key seven steps that need to be considered when modernising business intelligence:

  • Allow self-service – Don’t become a sole doer when it comes to capturing data; allow the users to do it for you. Due to the fast pace of business transformations, providing user empowerment becomes vital in order to optimise BI.
  • Unite with IT – By partnering with IT experts, you can leverage and combine the perfect combination of business and technical skills.
  • Define potential users – The need for interfaces and tools may change with different people and their respective roles. Thus, it is important to define who your prospective users are, in order to obtain the desired information.
  • Capture acute information – You also need to remain clear in mind of what information you want for driving your business growth, along with the capabilities required for preparation, assessment, analysis and sharing as well as acting upon your data.
  • Give a free trial – Prior to buying any modernised business intelligence solution, it is advisable to take up a free trial where available to ensure that a specific solution can meet your needs.
  • Ensure right governance – Despite giving freedom to your users over your data at one end, you also need to keep a keen eye over external reports to ensure integrity.
  • Innovate continuously – Give way to the innovative advancements such as cloud models, advanced data sources (including streaming and social) and wise analytics.

By taking into consideration these seven steps when it comes to constructing business intelligence solutions, Manzeera Solutions ensure that clients make the right choices when it comes to modernising their BI.