Predictive Analytics are a process which enable faster decision making through solving the problems and issues within an organisation. This is done by filtering the key components of an organisation’s data from a cluster of big data by placing focus on the most important information.

The Manzeera Solutions team effectively use BI Predictive Analytics help resolve issues within any given company by speeding up the data preparation process and analysing this in conjunction with the revenue to determine patterns and areas of focus.

By using BI Predictive Analytics, one can predict future business prospects, conditions and also facilitate findings to further understand the needs of the customer. This helps an organisation to form and execute a plan that is more likely to increase revenue and growth trajectories.

Predictive Analytics Capacity

Predictive Analytics delivers accessibility to all kind of services and is an incredibly user friendly and flexible platform. It can be used:

  • In forecasting, modeling and grouping, making it easier for a company to analyse potential future actions
  • To speed-up the data preparation process through single workflow
  • To help forecast the revenue of an organisation in a specific time frame
  • To evaluate and estimate the number of leads generated during marketing campaigns etc.
  • To evaluate indicative behavior and interests of clients
  • To evaluate the most profitable and valuable product and/or actions of an organisation
  • To identify attrition, up-sell, cross-sell and fraudulent activity
  • In the simple building and sharing of analytic applications with decision makers

Software Techniques

  • Web Analytics
  • MDM
  • ETL
  • Reporting
  • OLAP

There are many BI Predictive Analytics tools which are used for different commercial prospect.

These include:

  • Alteryx
  • Actuate Corporation BIRT Analytics
  • SAP Businessobjects Predictive Analytics
  • Mathematica
  • Stata

The BI Analysts at Manzeera Solutions provide analytic platforms to deliver the right predictive, analytic datasets. This in turn improves decision making, processes and outcomes, helping to take any organisation to the next level.