Manzeera Solutions is one of London’s most experienced BI strategy providers. We have produced effective architectural, well-designed and technical business intelligence solutions for organisations around the globe.

The BI Strategy Engineers working at Manzeera Solutions are highly specialised, ensuring that the organisation’s requirements and standards are fully understood and reflected in their BI components.

Manzeera Solutions can provide BI strategy for short or long term business goals. We understand the various parameters that need to be met in order to assist with achieving various targets across different fields of the business. Our strategists have experience in a wide range of different sectors including merchandising, technical, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and transportation to name a few; we are able to adapt our expert knowledge to best suit any industry and bring a new outlook to your organisation.

Well composed BI strategy enables an overall, comprehensive view of the entire company, organisation or firm incorporating both a business and technical angle. This all-encompassing viewpoint in turn uncovers much needed information that can influence decision making, enabling growth and informing future targets.

BI Strategy Components for Execution

Manzeera Solutions understand the complex nature of well-constructed BI strategy. Below are just some of the many elements that we take into account when planning to meet an organisation's individualistic needs as well as to monitor the effectiveness of BI:

  • Corporate Objectives
  • Key Corporate Goals and Standards
  • BI Maturity Model
  • Activity Based Business Intelligence (ABBI)
  • Alignment
  • Competency
  • Short and long term objective strategy
  • Timeline and Activity comparison
  • Create and manage Report Of Investment (ROI) Data