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Manzeera Solutions is an independent, unbiased evaluator that can assist you with all your Business Intelligence needs

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We provide a multitude of services including:

  • Total cost of ownership calculations (TCOs)
  • Proof of concepts
  • Feature comparisons
  • Customer specific evaluation workshops

Looking to maximise the value of your data? Evaluating BI platforms but unsure of the best option for your business needs? Manzeera Solutions can help with though their ability to act as an independent and unbiased advisor.

Manzeera Solutions excel in assisting clients to select the most appropriate BI platform through thorough evaluation of business requirements and extensive knowledge of platform offerings. Manzeera Solutions are an independent consultancy who have experience across a wide range of BI platforms including Tableau, SAP Analytics, Domo, Yellowfin, Power BI, Sisense and BIRST and all other platforms big and small. Manzeera’s knowledge extends not only to all platforms featured in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant but beyond. Furthermore, we understand that from large players to small, every business has niche requirements that need evaluating when it comes to the selection of a business intelligence platform.

As BI market is constantly evolving, with new developments in platforms being released every day, Manzeera keep up to date with the latest evolutions and trends across the market to ensure that clients select the BI tool that is the best fit for their organisation. Striving to unlock data value, drive adoption, facilitate data driven culture and maximise ROI, Manzeera know the importance of selecting the right platform and supporting solutions.

By defining the key requirement in a platform as required by the business, Manzeera evaluate platforms alongside a business’ existing architecture in order to determine the best fit. Evaluating important components such as visualisation capabilities, native connectors, self-service abilities, ETL ease of usage, collaboration features and app availability, Manzeera Solutions ensure that investment on BI is optimized.

With extensive experience in BI, Manzeera not only help their clients select the best fit for their organisation but utilize their best practice models to ensure end to end success. We understand the value that the right Business Intelligence landscape can bring to an organisation and how every step along the way contributes to company goals. From product feature comparisons to proof of concept implementations, Manzeera Solutions can assist you on your journey towards selecting the correct platform and maximising your BI potential.


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