Manzeera solutions and its associates offer a range of services to enhance the capacity of an organisation’s business intelligence whilst having extensive knowledge of the latest technological advances in BI. Birst offers a next generation platform, providing the speed and self-service that businesses are increasingly requiring from their BI. Constructed with business needs in mind, Birst is composed of the most desirable qualities in a BI solution. Through the availability of a mix of experience across different business users in conjunction with a networked BI architecture and a time to value at scale, Birst have swiftly established themselves as one of the strongest cloud-based BI players in the market.

Why Birst?

  • Ability to swiftly unify complex data
  • Ability to analyse complex processes and models
  • Its propensity for short time deployment, lowering both cost and risk
  • Users can use a variety of tools
  • Capacity to blend centralised and decentralised
  • Capacity to drive adoption, usage and self-service
  • Propensity to economically scale, on demand
  • Offers real time sync across users and departments

The Manzeera Solutions team and associates have a vast amount of experience in Birst and have been involved in Birst end-to-end delivery at both enterprise and small-business level. If you are thinking about modernising your BI contact us today and our team can evaluate which BI tool is the most appropriate for your business needs.