Domo Analytics

Imagine putting all of your data at a single location, combining and manipulating it however you require and accessing it on the go? Well, you can do that and much more with DOMO.

DOMO is a cloud-based modern BI platform that allows you to store, share, access, analyse and manipulate your data to drive intelligent decisions that can do wonders for your business progress. With DOMO you can interpret and use real-time data, turning it into live visualizations and smart metrics. DOMO’S intuitive interface gives you power over your data while maintaining data security and governance. There is no further need for burdening your team with futile labour-intensive BI tasks.

Self-Service Data Curation:

  • Convert your raw data into easily understood figures and graphs to make quick decisions.
  • You can curate data stories to share your metrics, data or content through a connected narrative.
  • Locate and explore your data with ease via interactive filters that lead you to quick solutions.
  • Get live visualizations in under a minute with more than one hundred chart varieties and over seven thousand custom maps.

Equip with Automated and Predictive Insights:

♦ DOMO provides you with automated alerts, signalling the need for prompt actions.
♦ Have an instant, live analysis of essential topics throughout your organisation on any device.
♦ Include machine learning and data science tools of DOMO to get predictive insights.

Have a Stronger and Proactive Collaboration:

♦ Use DOMO to get immediate analytics and alerts on mobile devices without the need for separate mobile versions for visualizations.
♦ Have access to shared dashboards and metrics for quick actions.
♦ Publish analytics outside your organization with DOMO everywhere, DOMO’s embedded analytics solution.

Get the extraordinary DOMO analytics with Manzeera Solutions:

Manzeera- the official strategic partner of DOMO BI, will help you establish and implement the best-in-class DOMO tools and services. Explore the interactive, intelligent and fully personalized DOMO analytical services with us to get a competitive edge in your market. Get the following services and much more with Manzeera.

Dynamic Analysis at your Fingertips:

Unlock the potential of your data through data visualizations with a drag and drop interface.
Timely alerts:
Receive instant alerts on your phone, email or laptop to get actionable insights from changing data.
Variety of Connectors:
See your data in the context of KBRs with a single, cloud-based platform
24*7 Support and Assistance
Address the challenges of integration, implementation or logistics with our continuous back-end support.

Get our Exclusive Services for your Industry

Manzeera caters to diverse business environments and provides individualised solutions to each:
√ Healthcare
√ Pharmaceuticals
√ Media
√ Travel and Transport
√ Retail
√ Research and publishing