Domo Apps

From Business to education, our planet is running on creativity and features of apps. If your research team is in hunt of a route to creating apps in a faster and simpler way, then DOMO is the solution.
You are looking forward to DOMO is a vehicle that makes the process of data collection, integrations, predictability and visualisation; effortless and quick.

How can DOMO be your route in customising apps?

DOMO can not just create an app but also be your guide to run it smoothly. With DOMO at your Fingertips, you can develop apps like a magician. As DOMO is a multifunctional software, it functions to provide you with:-

⇒ Powerful Visualisations
⇒ Interactive data consumption
⇒ Create data-driven workflows
⇒ DOMO can keep track of billions of records so you can work with ease on the infrastructure.

Every possibility you can imagine while developing an app will be one touch away if DOMO is your choice.

1. Bidirectional data flow
DOMO assists you in building bidirectional data flows with pre-built apps and connectors.
2. No additional Optimisation
Your dream of creating mobile apps without additional optimisation and development stages can now be fulfilled with DOMO.
3. Share your apps
The hustle and bustle of sharing your creation is made smooth as the built-in integration of DOMO gives you features of sharing apps.

Grab the outstanding DOMO Consultancy with Manzeera Solutions

We, at Manzeera solutions, are official partners for DOMO consultancy. We have the experience and techniques you are looking for DOMO BI. We are the guide for your road towards smart decision making, as DOMO can help you set your success in every domain. You don't need to worry if you don't have the technical knowledge or proper access as our team will hold your hands and mentor you towards these cloud-based BI Dashboards.

Get the finest DOMO services to convert your numbers into real success:-
1. DOMO Training
2. DOMO Architecture
3. DOMO Integration
4. DOMO Custom Apps
5. DOMO Implementation
6. DOMO dashboard

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