Domo Architecture

Welcome to the world of DOMO – A BI Solution that exceeds your expectation when it comes to data management and integration. Now you can get enhanced and concise outputs from multiple data sources. Experience the flexibility and ease of DOMO’s architecture, designed to give you business-boosting insights.

The best-in-class BI Platform:

  • A platform built to simplify complex data systems and comprehensive workflow needs.
  • Have cloud-based access and integration of your data lakes, warehouses or proprietary data sources, all in one place.
  • Enjoy an adaptable cloud data platform, be it Snowflake, Google or AWS. Shift to a new platform whenever you want or function from multi-cloud platforms.
  • Generate powerful insights and share them with your clients or colleagues without any expenditure on additional infrastructure.

Enjoy a Complete package of BI Solutions

A streamlined, seamless Data Fabric

♦ DOMO will help you create a single pipeline from your existing data sources across all platforms and tools.
♦ Have a bird’s eye view of your entire data to reach effective and quick solutions.

Sharable Analytics

♦ DOMO allows you to give your analysts and BI Technologists access to your data analysis with the benefits of secured data governance.
♦ A hosted DOMO analytic environment means that you can embed DOMO analytics in your website or work on them with your clients or partners.

BI experience tailored to your needs

♦ Drive automated workflows using DOMO’s flexible code capabilities
♦ You can send data to other systems, generate immediately actionable insights or get automated actions in other systems.

Get the most pocket-friendly Business Cloud with Manzeera

world-class BI services to see a dramatic rise in your business outputs and client lists. We help you with personalising the DOMO Architecture from the ground up, assisting you at every step and detail. With Manzeera at your side you need not to worry about the cloud structure, the data pipeline, security or data connection and sharing. Sit back and relax as we handle the following and much more for you:

Data Integration
WE provide services in orchestrating your scattered data from any available source or locating your disparate data.
Customised App
With Manzeera, you get to create your apps to activate your workflows in an intelligent and cool manner.
Analytics at a lightning speed
Get precise and predictive analytics wherever and whenever you require.
Sharable data and analytics
Enjoy the ease of sharing your data and interpretations with your customers and partners on a secured, high-quality platform.