Domo Consulting

Dealing with lots of data, stats or reports can be overwhelming, leading to missteps or errors. Thereby we Introduce DOMO, a one-stop BI solution with cloud-based data integration, management and storage that drives automation and impact-worthy results. With DOMO you can retrieve disparate data, share it with your customers or generate intelligent insights. DOMO acquaints you with limitless possibilities for your business.

Extract the Most from your Data

Getting a DOMO consultancy will help you identify your key business requirements(KBR). This means that your data, processes or metrics are all woven around those key needs to attain the maximum benefits.
Identify what matters
Businesses often get lost in a sea of redundant data, useless metrics and building stacks of reports rather than identifying the most essential features. DOMO Consultancy will help you understand the smart practices in your industry and thereby refine your goals.
Define the KBRs
Get DOMO Consulting to define your company's Key Business Requirements and identify the data that will generate powerful outcomes.
Locate and structure your data
After defining your success metrics, DOMO will be your partner in locating the requisite data, logging it into the DOMO Dashboard and structure it in a way that suits your goals.
Look after your Data
With DOMO Consultancy you can have personalised dashboards, metrics and new-age visualisations that guarantees you the insights, worth of your data and hard work.

Get the Best-in-class DOMO consultancy with Manzeera Solutions

Join hands with Manzeera to avail of official DOMO BI Partners at the backdrop of our global experience and expertise. With us, you get to leverage your data to attain a cloud-based BI Dashboard with the simplest and fastest route to deploy and implement DOMO in your organisation at every step. Your business will see a dramatic rise in revenue, and your employees will be most satisfied with the hassle-free data management from the new addition.
Get the following exclusive DOMO services to boost your business at the earliest and that too at the lowest price:
• DOMO Training,
• DOMO Architecture,
• DOMO Integration,
• DOMO Custom Apps,
• DOMO Implementation,
• DOMO Dashboard,
• DOMO Analytics and much more.

Our Expert Solutions for every industry

Manzeera caters to diverse business environments and provides individualised solutions to each:
• Healthcare
• Pharmaceuticals
• Media
• Travel and Transport
• Retail
• Research and publishing