Domo Dashboard

With DOMO, you can go from the never-ending chaos of spreadsheets, databases and applications to a single platform where all your data is converted into real-time visuals. DOMO allows you to look at all your important information in one tab and saves you from the mess. DOMO's dashboard is the ground where you can place every detail and it will convert your data into actual visuals.

How can DOMO's Dashboard guide you in your business?

DOMO's dashboard is robust enough to raise revenue for your team and business as it can do wonders.
Access to your data
You have access to your data from any corner of the world using mobile, computer or tablet.
Ongoing Updates
With the DOMO dashboard, you will be working and knowing about updated things.
DOMO dashboard provides real-time updates.
Your vision
Your colours, your design, your font and the layout of your imagination is what DOMO's dashboard can give you. DOMO's dashboard will lead you to create your vision into reality without coding issues.
Converting Numbers
You are capable of creating pie charts, graphs and changing your numbers into real visuals.
This will guide your team and raise your bar of success.
One Time Effort
You have to put effort only once to frame a dashboard and then it can work on any device.

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We at Manzeera Solutions provide you with experts to maintain your data with the best visualisation by helping you on the DOMO path. Manzeera Solutions is the official partner for DOMO BI services. We will guide you on this path to cultivate your data in the best possible ways to attract more customers.

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Best Dashboards and App solution:-
1 Grab the uniquely curated dashboard collection for immediate insights; suitable for various industries and organisations.
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Mobile Platform
You can use the features of DOMO anytime and anywhere as DOMO and our partnership is one touch away.

Eliminate costly Engineering Projects
We will aid you with more than 1000+ connectors and different other ways to connect to your data to save time and decrease the cost of engineering projects.

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