Domo Data Visualisation

DOMO is an all-encompassing BI Solution. With DOMO BI you not only obtain superior analytics and data integration but you also get your hands on the most refined and interactive data visualization. Now you get to make your analytics accessible with customizable dashboards that create a story using real-time data. DOMO will help your business drive data exploration aided with great visual analytics.

Instant Raw Data to Visual Conversion

You can transform your raw data into interactive maps, charts, graphs or other visuals within minutes, using DOMO. DOMO's analyser tool will suggest appropriate visuals when you upload a data source so that you are immediately en route to a successful inference.

Control the Customizations
The Analyser tool will guide you to change the data presented on a card with just a few clicks.
• Add or remove data points to create calculated fields or refine and filter your outputs.
• Create annotations on the chart for future discussion.
• Determine the control over your data using DOMO’s governance tools.
Use DOMO Stories
Get imaginative and creative by combining your cards, images and texts in a dashboard to build a stimulating DOMO Story. Have a powerful, customizable layout that emphasis your key points and guide the clients through your analysis.
• With DOMO, you have a faster turnaround time by using pre-built dashboard layouts and themes.
• DOMO gives you the freedom to define the card interaction with filters and custom links.
Have Instant Access
DOMO lets you access and modify your dashboard from any platform- computer, tablet, or device for real-time insights, instantaneously. Your dashboard once built, will show a consistent display regardless of the device you use for viewing.

Get yourself this Exceptional Technology from Manzeera Solutions

Manzeera is the official partner for DOMO services. Our team of DOMO experts ensure that you get the best data visualisation in your industry by aiding you through your DOMO journey. We will guide you to leverage your data in the most interactive way to drive customer value and revenue. Avail the following with Manzeera:

Pre-built Dashboards and App Solutions
• Get a specially curated dashboard collection for immediate insights suitable for various industries and organisations.
• A collection of DOMO app solutions that give you KPIs for marketing, retail, and more.
Built your Visuals
• Learn to create specialized charts and maps, supplemented with filters and drill-downs using a simple interface, without any BI expertise.
Understand DOMO Stories
Manzeera aids you to generate clientele by guiding them through your analysis using interactive data stories. Have a connected narrative for your data, content and insights.

Explore other Services from Manzeera

Manzeera offers exclusive DOMO BI services to boost your business at the earliest and that too at the lowest price:
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• DOMO Custom Apps,
DOMO Implementation,
DOMO Dashboard,
DOMO Analytics and much more.