Domo Features

From making its place in the top charts of BI to simplifying every advanced software and widget for newcomers, DOMO is a remarkable and priceless opportunity. But the question remains, what is DOMO offering?

What is so exclusive about DOMO?

DOMO is not just an app but a digital gadget, making every task easier with its unparalleled features.
1. Providing Security and Guidance
DOMO acts as your safeguard, saving and securing your data. It creates policies based on permissions to give access to data for special individuals and groups. It can manage the content in mass. The architecture of DOMO provides walls of security using BYOK encryption and various other software.
2. Connecting and Transforming your visions
Data integration is the matchless feature of DOMO. Using DOMO'S API, SDK and more than 1000 pre-built connectors, you can connect to any proprietary system. You don't need the toughest coding talent to operate this; drag and drop options will do wonders for you. This will guide you to visualise numbers.
3. Taking Data Science one step ahead
BI and Analytics are like a superpower of DOMO. DOMO comes with more than 150 chart types and 7000 custom apps. It opens the door to visualisation of every data into images, graphs and charts. This does not end here but begins with a drill-down option providing links for users.
4. Access to apps
From Creating custom apps to having access to 100+ pre-built apps, DOMO is all in your service.
5. Embedded Analytics
DOMO is just one touch away, providing everything in your mobiles. It gives users the freedom to sort and filter their data according to their needs. With features like Bidirectional Parameters, DOMO is winning the game.

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