Domo Solutions

DOMO understands that your business needs can be incalculable, therefore for this uncertain corporate world, DOMO ensures to have flexible and unique programs that cater to your every requirement. Get your hands on DOMO to get expert BI solutions on a cloud-based platform so that you never have to sift through reports again before making a crucial decision.

Solution for every Data Source

With DOMO you get connectivity to 100+ data sources which means that you have all the data you would need to get some actionable insights. From Salesforce to HubSpot, data connection, integration and publishing was never so easy before DOMO.

• Excel SFTP Connector: Manage, analyse and report all your excel data on a single platform; using DOMO Excel SFTP connector. Choose from a variety of chart options for sharing your Excel reports with real-time updates.
• Google Analytics: Now, you can have access to essential website engagement data in a single summary of key metrics using Google Analytics QuickStart. Pre-made charts give you a glimpse of the new visitors, visit duration, bounce rate and more.
• MySQL: DOMO’s MySQL Connector will retrieve data from your MySQL to create custom reports and intuitive visualizations. Connect your MySQL data with that from other systems to achieve relevant metrics and efficient user self-service.
• Facebook: create highly targeted and impactful campaigns with DOMO’s Facebook connector. Retrieve more than thirty days worth of data to get a comprehensive view of your posts and their impact quotient.

Get customized BI solutions for every colleague with Manzeera Solutions

Manzeera Solutions is the official partner for DOMO BI Consultancy and services. With Manzeera, you get solutions tailored for every role in your organisation; from IT, finance, marketing to sales and operations. Have a look below:

• CEO's: Stop wasting your time away in report fillings and collections; Manzeera equips you to see all the crucial metrics at a single location. You also get to connect to the disparate data source and attain instant visualization of the compiled data to take business-boosting calls.
• Finance: Join Hands with Manzeera to get unified data from departments across your entire organisation. Moreover, you have access to reliable, accurate and transparent metrics to help you know the financial position of the entire company. You also get access to updated KPIs for all the teams –anytime and anywhere.
• IT: Manzeera will provide you with 1000+ connectors and apps to combine real-time data and attain automated reports within minutes. You can also extend data access and analytics to enable business users while still ensuring administrative control.
• Marketing: Manzeera will combine your marketing data with data from sales, finance and any other department in your entire company to maximize your ROI. Achieve quick results by taking action directly from a customized application.

Manzeera: suitability for every industry

At Manzeera, we realize the unique challenges specific to your organisation. Thereby, we offer specialized services for your industry, driven by years of global experience and expertise. Avail of our exclusive services for your industry:

• Education
• Healthcare
• Hospitality and transportation
• Manufacturing
• Life Sciences
• Retail and e-commerce