Domo Training

DOMO is a highly effective, Cloud-based data integration and visualization platform. DOMO will turn your data across spreadsheets, social media, databases or software solutions into a Dashboard aggregator that will allow a simplified, real-time self-evaluation and analysis of data to save up on resources of time and money. DOMO is a BI solution that adds immediate value and eminence to your company by relating and sorting your business-critical information to drive faster results.

How can we help You with DOMO?

We at, Manzeera Solutions are the official strategic partners for DOMO Consultancy. This means that with our years of expert experience in this industry, our highly targeted and customized approach will help you leverage the vast potential that DOMO has to offer. You can now navigate and implement this highly beneficial tool in your organisation to boost up the automation and decision-making process. We will be your trusted partners and back-end support in this business breakthrough.

DOMO Training

Harness the Power of your Data by getting specialized, custom-curated training for your business analysts and managers in DOMO Solutions. You will learn to drive your data, to get insights that give high returns and faster decisions.

Perks of Training with Us:

Get the following exclusive benefits when you work and learn with us:

√ Our Extensive global experience will give an unmatched and targeted training quality.
√ Become an industry leader in DOMO by learning how to drive value for clients.
√ Achieve a 360-degree innovative view of DOMO implementation.
√ Our deep industry experts will give you step-by-step training through the unique automation and analysis tool.
√ Learn to align your data correctly to achieve actionable insights that lead to a great decision.
√ Get the pulse of your industry by training to execute tailored strategies and findings.