Offshore BI Resources

Manzeera Solutions are a Business Intelligence consultancy with a team of highly experienced Offshore BI resources. Our readily available and fully trained consultants have experience across a wide range of technologies including SAP, Tableau, Power BI, Qlik, Domo, BIRST, SAS, IBM and more. Utilising Offshore talent leverages a global knowledge base, allowing access to world class capabilities and the propensity to engage with niche skill sets. At Manzeera Solutions, we always follow a customer specific approach rather than standard model implementation ensuring that each individual circumstance and requirements are thoroughly fulfilled. Our Offshore BI Resources maximise value for customers through our unique approach which prioritises customer success.

  • Single Point of Contact: Manzeera Solutions’ Offshore BI Resources come with one dedicated contact per customer who is available at your office times. Our experienced BI Offshore Resource Managers are familiar with international ways of working, leading to maximum integration between team members in terms of both communication and output.
  • Fast On-boarding: Our Offshore BI Resources offer a quick fix for BI staffing problems. We minimise interruption to operational business through facilitating a fast hand over from previous support. Manzeera Solutions’ Offshore BI Resources guarantee a hassle free new support model, helping our customers get the assistance they need to take their BI to the next level.
  • 24/7 Availability: Offshore BI Resourcing allows customers to leverage an extended working day. 24/7 availability ensures there is no latency in bug fixing, keeping your BI running as efficiently as possible. Our resource model offers flexible adjustment in relation to typical working times, guaranteeing that our customers can get the support they require when they need it.
  • Competitive Pricing: Utilisation of Offshore resources can help cut BI support costs by up to 40%. Manzeera Solutions combines the competitive price of a big company providing Offshore resources with the heightened, customer-centric services of a smaller company. Both short and long-term contracts are available meaning our customers never pay for more support than they require.

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