On Time, Error Free And Cost Effective With Report Automation

Automation of multi-system, multi-geography and multi-entity data collection, workflows, certification, consolidation and global reporting.

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Benefits of the Service

On-time Every Time

Error Free & Reduced Costs

Increased Reliability

Improved Operational Efficiency

Optimized Performance

Better Decision Making Capability

Easy Tracking and Monitoring of Operations

Improved Employee Morale

Do you find yourself in a situation where you coordinate with multiple teams based on a monthly calendar to get data from them, validate the data, run multiple iterations to get it right before you can process the data with multiple steps to normalize, enrich, adjust and consolidate to ensure timely and error-free reporting?

Only to realize that a few teams have to resend the data due to their internal issues and manually re-run the process a few times before everything is in place?

Have you been wondering if there is a better way to run this process?

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Welcome to the world of Automation at Manzeera where we enable Report Automation and a lot more!

We provide automation services across the distinct categories of Report Automation, Process Automation and Intelligent Automation!

Let’s look at what your peers have achieved with Report Automation.

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Telco Major

  • 95% reduction in manual effort
  • 100% automated data supply chain
  • 100% accurate and timely delivery of insights
  • Self Service capability with secure data access
  • Improved Business productivity & saving of USD 200 - 250K/year
  • 100% process & data compliance

Utilities Major

  • 100% reduction in manual effort
  • 100% automated data supply chain
  • 100% accurate and near real-time insights
  • Self Service capability with a data discovery platform
  • Ability to monetize insights from Data
  • Shift from a cost-based to a profit-based organization
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