Manzeera Solutions in home to many experts in SAP BI. SAP is one of the largest software companies in the world; their success partly down to their ability cater across the board for large enterprises, mid-sized companies and small businesses. SAP, combined with the correct expertise, can utilize both business development and growth for any organisation that it is implemented in.

SAP Elements

The highly effective execution and performance of SAP Business Intelligence created through several SAP elements such as: SAP Dashboard, Crystal Reports, BI platform, Mobile, Design Studio, Lumira, Explorer and MS Office.

Through SAP Business Intelligence software, a company is further empowered to make both swifter and smarter business decisions. SAP has a number of positive aspects that make it a preferable choice for many organisations such as:

  • Enabling a single point of access to all information
  • Unlike some of its competitors, SAP has the ability to analyse multidimensional data sources across different environments as well as the propensity to create flexible dashboards
  • The use of reports to represent data, enabling an efficient evaluation of its implications at a high level
  • It provides easy and functional GUI
  • SAP BI is renowned for its query performance, which also requires limited administration
  • It is easy to integrate with other platforms
  • SAP also provides Mobile BI for end users, helping to ensure that data is accessible swiftly and at all times

The Manzeera Solutions team and associates have years of experience working in SAP. They have been a vital component of BI teams working with SAP software at over 25 companies, across a range of different industries.