Want to reduce dependency on IT to create visualizations and gain data insights? Do you want more control over how you use and view your data?

Contact us today to Manzeera Solutions can help you gain control over your data landscape by implementing self-service BI in your company.

Benefits of the Service:

  • Extracting data previously locked away in ERP systems
  • Providing decision-makers with a single point of truth
  • Seamless extraction though our SmartConnect technology
  • Implementing a platform with visualization capabilities

In business intelligence, speed is everything. For opportunities to be maximized, the decision-makers need to be able to make informed choices with all the data available to them. High reliance on IT and long turnaround times from data generation to consumption have meant that for many businesses’ insights are not available at the optimum time. Manzeera Solutions understand the importance of self-service analytics – enabling users to wield the power of data themselves with less reliance on other departments to generate reports.

Manzeera understands that increasing the level of self-service in a company is the only way to increase a businesses’ ability to make informed critical decisions on time. This enables organizations to keep up to date with the latest business requirements within their business intelligence solutions.

We work with our clients to ensure that self-service analytics are covered in a two-fold manner: that the latest data is available for consumption and that this data can be utilized by people efficiently, without dependency on a high level of technical skillset.

Through using our SmartConnect solution, we can extract data into self-service platforms that help users instantaneously interpret complex data using user-friendly visualization tools. This enables business users to create the visualizations and data analytics instantly, within minutes using the latest data generated.

Self-service is the future of BI, a future where users can power insightful data analytics, opening your business to new directions

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