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Are your BI Team utilising your BI to its full potential? Do they lack an understanding of your BI components and how they function?

Do your technical teams understand your BI systems? Do they know how to utilise all the tools that are available to them? Manzeera Solutions can teach your staff how to utilise your BI applications and maximise their output through our BI training service.

Manzeera Solutions have years of experience working with the many BI vendors in the market. We have seen how BI technologies have evolved over the years, gaining a deep understating of how their interfaces function as well as industry best practices. This allows us to show your technical team a holistic view of the systems involved in your BI landscape to help them understand how to utilise their maximum potential.

Our training packages are not based on just one or two platforms. At Manzeera Solutions, we take into consideration your entire BI architecture, evaluating whether you utilise solutions individually or as a whole. Our consulting model can train those who need to train other team members, enabling a scalable solution that maximises on ROI. Manzeera can guide trainees through the workings of each system in their BI landscape, teaching them how to utilise their unique attributes. Through a blend of training methods including technical tests and real-life scenario-based problem solving, our BI consultants can empower students to develop the comprehensive skills required to maximise BI success.

Manzeera Solutions believe that our clients should control how they want to learn, and our training can be adjusted to suit your individual needs. We can train onsite, remotely, or at a location of your choice over the course of hours, days or weeks. Our training is designed to be flexible so that you can take as much time as you need to ensure success.

Our dynamically tailored training is open to select individuals or larger groups depending on specific circumstance. Our team are proficient in all technologies across the industry – from ERP systems and data visualisation to data storage and data lakes. Contact Manzeera Solutions to see how we can help your team take your BI to the next level.



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