Through keeping up-to-date with the latest emerging BI tools and technologies, Manzeera Solutions and its associates can insure that your organisation not only has the most appropriate BI for its needs but that you stay ahead of competitors. Domo is a swiftly growing cloud based BI tool that boasts not only some impressive clients but also an unparalleled growth trajectory. Offering a unique and user/business-oriented BI tool, Domo has set itself apart amongst its competitors.

Why Domo?

  • Ability for rapid set up, lowering both cost and risk
  • Cleaner data - cleansing that caters for both those newer to BI and BI experts
  • Faster insights with intuitive data exploration and filtering
  • Customisable platform
  • Highly user friendly and business orientated
  • Ability to drive insight to action faster than ever before
  • Ability to coordinate across the business swiftly with shared access
  • A seamless mobile experience
  • Cloud-based processing, reducing loads on internal servers
  • Intelligent alerts that are triggered by irregularities in your data, saving time and costs
  • Offers a host of predictive business apps
  • Powered by the The Business Cloud—the world's first open, self-service platform for running your entire business

Manzeera Solutions (DOMO Official Implementation Partners) has a dedicated team of researchers who keep up-to-date with the latest BI developments and trends. This informs both your evaluation of BI technologies as well as the choices we make in terms of prioritising training and leads in new tools. Through always ensuring that our team members are trained in the latest BI tools and technologies we can ensure that the most fit for purpose BI setup is proposed to our clients. Domo is one of the technologies that we strongly urge organisations to consider due to its business-orientated usability as well as its cloud based nature.