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Enable greater business
Insights with Domo & Manzeera

Rapid setupthat lowersthe cost and risk and powered by the business cloud.
Ability to drive insight to action faster with seamless business experience.
Cleaner data and Faster insights with intuitive data exploration & filtering.
Intelligent alerts - Triggered by irregularities in the data and shared access to business and its outcomes.
Customisable platform which is highly user friendly and business inclined.
Cloud-based processing thatreduces loads on internal servers and offers a host of predictive business apps.

Why do Data Driven organisations choose Manzeera?


Numerous end-to-end implementations of Domo – for specific departments as well as business wide initiatives.


Built over 200+ connectors that work with natively with Domo where Domo standard connectors didn’t exist or couldn’t obtain the correct data.


Niche expertise in tackling use cases where standard Domo capabilities can’t meet requirements.


Expertise in resolving complex use cases that clients haven’t been able to achieve internally numerous years.


Using our ‘Rest of the World’ expertise to work with Domo senior leaders on high-priority accounts in EMEA & US.

Manzeera’s Extra Mile Capabilities

Manzeera Solutions has developed a ROI Optimizer wheel to help in creating a full bespoke sevice and customizable experience based on the particular needs of your business.

Extra Mile

You select, mix and match the functionalities that you require and with that we will ensure that you invest only in what you need.

Through doing this we tailor Domo to you, we tackle the specific issues you are facing, we create a more cost-effective solution and bring a new level of flexibility with a 360 degrees coverage for your business.


360-degree perspective

Data Connection

Covering the adequacy of Domo's out-of-the-box connections

Back End

Implementing complex use cases involving multiple data sources

Front End

Using a Global Delivery Model and a specialized skill set, we create an efficient project breakdown and achieve cost efficiency

Data Science

Creating custom capabilities to maximize today's data for future predictions


Using a Global Delivery Model and a specialized skill set, we create an efficient project breakdown and achieve cost efficiency

Brands that trust Manzeera

We exist to make the world work better for everyone through our commitment to diversity, equality, customer-centric, and cultural awareness.

Discover Our Successful Case Studies
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Business empowered with access to previously inaccessible data, enabling to gain valuable insights and drive valuable business decisions through data driven culture adoption
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Sales & Marketing
Full-fledged reporting dashboard that clearly reflects a holistic view of sales & marketing.
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Data Connection
Single point of truth and effective governance of data ensuring compliance with confidentiality and privacy requirements.

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